Why Must You Start Investing in 2023?

If you don’t invest early on in your career, you’re going to wind up regretting it later on down the line.

Investing early on may seem intimidating because of how much money needs to be put away at once – but let me tell you right now that this isn’t as bad as it seems! In fact, I’d go so far as to say that investing early can actually be easier than saving later down the line!

You’ll get more out of your investment if it takes place earlier rather than later in life – which means that every dollar saved or earned is also used more effectively towards making your future self feel better about yourself or accomplishing larger goals than simply getting rich. So, in this Achal Chaurasia latest news, we’ll see some of the things that can help you start investing this year!

  1. Build an Emergency Fund

You should build an emergency fund of six months’ worth of your monthly expenses in case something goes wrong and you need money quickly. For example, if you were to lose your job, if someone in your family got sick and needed medical care, or if there was a natural disaster (like an earthquake), then these are emergencies that most people don’t want to think about because they’re scary! But having an extra six months’ worth of cash on hand will make all the difference in getting through these times more smoothly.

How much should you save? That depends on how well off financially healthy/unhealthy you are; however generally speaking Rs 10 – 20 K per month will be enough for most people—even those who don’t have any debt or credit card payments due them before retirement age yet!

  1. Find out how much Money you can Save

When it comes to saving, you need to know how much money you can save each month. You can also earn more and increase the amount of money that’s going into your account each month—and if you do this, well then good for you! But don’t worry about being too frugal: remember that if your goal is not met (because of a lower balance), then all those extra dollars won’t help as much as they could have otherwise.

The best way to determine how much money you can save each month is by creating a budget. This will help you pinpoint exactly where your money is going so that you know where to make cuts if necessary. If your goal is Rs 5k per month, then look at the expenses in your budget and find ways to reduce them.

For example, if entertainment costs Rs 10K per month and you only have Rs 10k left after paying all other bills—then cut back on entertainment! You could also consider cutting out your morning coffee or lunch from work (though this would be much harder).

  1. Start with Small Investments 

The first step to investing is to start with small investments. Don’t invest all your money in one place, but rather increase your investment as you get more money, and make sure that you have a good financial plan before putting any money into an account.

For example, if you’re 25 years old and making Rs 5 LPA (Rs 42K per month), then it would be wise for you to save some of this income by contributing 10% of it each month into a retirement fund or other investment schemes. But, if you start right by investing 40-50 percent of your income; you won’t be able to enjoy even the basic things in your life!

  1. Try Mutual Funds 

Mutual funds are better than fixed deposits because they can be redeemed at any time, and the money invested will grow over time. They also come with lower costs of management and administration compared to bank deposits or FDs. The returns on investment made through mutual funds will depend on how well managed it is; there may be periods when returns fall below average but that is not uncommon for any investment product.

Having said that, keep one thing in mind mutual funds are not a good investment option for people looking for short-term gains. Most of them will have lock-in periods of at least one year, and some can have lock-ins as long as five years.

  1. Diversify your investments

Diversification is a great way to reduce risk and increase your chances of success. It’s also one of the most important things you can do when it comes to investing because diversifying your portfolio will help you avoid losing everything due to one bad investment decision or market crash.

To illustrate this concept, let’s say that you want to invest in different asset classes: stocks, bonds, and real estate. In order for this strategy to work well for your portfolio as a whole, all three investments must be highly correlated with each other—they should all move together on the same scale throughout their lifespans (which could be years or even decades).

However, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose in any given year, even if you think the stock market will go up or down in value over time. This is because investors often don’t understand how markets work and end up losing money when they’re not diversified enough with their investments.


In this Achal Chaurasia latest news, we’ve discussed the perks of investing this year. The sooner you start investing, the better. It’s especially critical if you want to reach your long-term financial goals and retire in comfort. The best way to do this is by starting small and increasing over time, diversifying your investments, and never relying solely on savings or fixed deposits.

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Author- Achal Chaurasia

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