Wealthy Nations and Poor Nations – Economic Gap

Economic gap

Achal Chaurasia – Wealthy Nations and Poor Nations

There can’t be any significant answer to this question, this is somewhat in the middle of Positive and Negative impacts. This has never been done and the adverse effect of this can be even catastrophic. The world is divided between the Rich and the Poor. Some nations are doing all they can to sustain their economies and some are just rich enough to deal with all kinds of possibilities. However, the question remains intact that “Are wealthy nations supposed to help the poor ones?”

One thing can be said with utmost confidence that not everyone will be pleased to hear this if amended. There are and always will be three forces at play; The Helping Nation, The Receiver, and The critique. The lateral one will play a huge role in this entire system.

However, it will be safe to say it’s not a good idea, to begin with. The results of this will be unimaginable. One way or the other, if something goes wrong between the two parties, the entire system of both the nations and the economic situation of either could be at risk. The relation of Give-or-take is not always fruitful. This could turn allies into enemies, turn alliances into pieces. The powers at play are huge and the catastrophic reaction to this would be bared by the entire world. If the war brews, nobody is going to thrive in that situation. We do not know what the either of parties has in mind. In such a case, promoting this kind of relationship is a gambling world cannot afford anyway.

However is this is to be made a topic of discussion between the world leaders, it should be upon the Nations to decide for themselves if they want to take something from anyone or decide to give something to someone. Either way, nobody should advocate or market this arrangement at any cost.

Anyhow it can turn out to be a brilliant idea and it will lead to saving lives and economies :

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Both nations into talk houses millions of people, therefore, we don’t know whom to look at, what to hear, or what to talk about people who lack food, education, and other basic needs. We are not without compassion and sympathy. Sharing wealth with poorer nations is not only a good deed but should be considered as a moral obligation and a task to achieve equality and equity.

Some nations in the world are very poor and are suffering from severe problems of famine, crime, diseases, illiteracy, and whatnot. And on the other hand, some nations are very wealthy and equipped. If this is not treated and handled with care, it will continue to rise and cause a drift between nations and divide the world. It may also lead to enslavement in the future, which is not a good sign of livelihood for anyone. It would be very useful if the wealthy nations could share.

However, there should be limits to even sharing, it should restrict to Food, Shelter, Education, and Medicine. If it increases anymore the poor will be dependable on aid from the wealthy. This will also decrease their will to build their nation on their own. Counter effects from the wealthy could be selfish too, they can start to take advantage and interfere in other’s matters.

The relationship between functioning nations could also take torttorturet the other nations associated. We do not know the association of someone with another. There should be specific agreements, judicial bench, committee, and regulations act if this comes into play. It can also be induced in United Nations. Given proper infrastructure and legal formalities, this could help millions of lives. The world is in dire need of a Robin hood if only someone could step up and take on the good deed.

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We have seen the positive and negative sides of the scenario, however, it is not possible to decide what will happen. Anyway, if this happens, things could either go into turmoil or take turns for good. It depends upon the humane nature of both the nati They may help each other in achieving great achievements or even lead to enslavement. Working belief is of real importance, the way you hold up your nature and words is important.


Author- Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for the society.

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