Top play to earn NFT games in 2022

Most of us have some beloved memories from our childhood playing our favourite games! While attempting to play a game, one thing that’s worth noting is the time you spend playing the game and getting in the zone. We obviously have spent a lot of hours playing several different types of games; wouldn’t it be great if we could earn something out of it? And, in the current era of digital currencies, what could be better than getting your hands on some NFTs?

So, in this Achal chauraris blog, we will be talking about some of the exciting games that you can play to earn NFTs(non-fungible tokens) in 2022.

Lucky Block 

The NFT LuckyBlock is an innovative entertainment platform that provides its users with access to special giveaways, competitions, and promotions. It also offers a dice game in which you can get numerous prizes for minimal effort!

Lucky Block competition is a game aimed at NFTs crypto-holders. This app allows you to enter certain completions to win big prizes in cryptocurrency (including BTC). On the other hand, there are daily rewards that will be yours only if you are holding tokens sold by NFT launch. 

Apart from that, as a member of the Platinum Rollers Club, you get free entry into various special giveaways without grinding for hours. You can also expect to join a prestigious club of elite NFT holders; here you can get some latest info from the NFT world!

Battle Infinity

Want to win a match? Think you can handle facing off against the best of the best? Well, here’s your chance with Battle Infinity!

There’s a place for everyone in this fantasy game, even rookies who have just joined. Take on the challenge today and go head-to-head against your competitors and get heart payouts in the form of NFTs!

The first thing to know about Battle Infinity is that it’s a fantasy sports game that allows you to stimulate any game of your choice. This means soccer, baseball, basketball, and football – just to name a few. 

But, before you can even dive in and explore the game, you will have to purchase your very own IBAT Virtual Pass to partake in all the NFT fun. Purchase a universal pass and use it as many times as you like or purchase individual passes for separate games: these passes will cost you a lot less than the universal ones!


If you love cats, cryptocurrency, and investing in blockchain games, Cryptokitties should be a perfect game for you. You can buy unique kitties through smart contracts, breed them and sell their offspring for a cool profit.

Cryptokitties is a game built on Ethereum, unlike traditional games such as “Tamagotchi ”, where the rules are much more complex. The gameplay goes like this: you start buying one or several kitties and then you categorise them depending on their characteristics! 

And finally, you’ve to choose two special kitties from your group which would breed to form a new crypto cat; you can earn by selling off this new breed depending on its rarity and value!

Many players have already achieved breeding and selling rare kitties that are valued at thousands of dollars on the Cryptokitties market.

Gods Unchained 

Gods Unchained is the first of its kind TCG, where players actually own their cards and in-game currency. It’s a fantasy game that’s based on skill and strategy, not luck. Gods Unchained allows players to enjoy the experience of a real free-to-play NFT game; you don’t need to pay any upfront cash to play this game!

Gods Unchained is a card game that encourages you to make strategic moves and profits from the very beginning of the game. Unlike other P2E games, Gods Unchained is more than just your regular old poker.  This is a card-based battle and trading game created by the developers of CryptoKitties. God’s Unchained lets you build your deck and be the greatest player in a custom PvP arena – God’s Unchained Arena. 

Gods Unchained is a game with rich lore and amazing characters. Play cards, and win several card packs. This also allows players to trade, buy, sell and play cards with one another as well as to enter different high-spec competitions within the game!

Final Thoughts 

You might have played a lot of different games previously but earning real money while paying gives you a different kind of chills! In this Achal chauraris blog, we’ve discussed some of the most popular games for earning NFTs; so why not try them out today?

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