Tips for a successful E-Commerce business

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Provide a checkout process indicator. If your checkout process has 3 steps, clearly indicate at the top of the page what step they are on and how many steps there are to complete the order.

Identify what info you require during your checkout process. Eliminate unnecessary text fields/questions.

Use easy-to-understand, friendly error messages.

If your checkout error messages occur on a page other than the page with the errors, preserve the information that the user has already input and get the site to input it automatically.

Double-check the spelling on your site. And the spelling of your error messages. “Ers in the input field” would look very unprofessional. Try and get good reviews from shopping authority sites and previous shoppers.

Don’t use complex formulas for shipping price calculations. Get the site to do the calculations and show the shopper the price.

Consider shipping the product free. This is often a very good selling point with online shoppers.

Display the stock status of the selected item and do so BEFORE the user puts the item in their cart.

If you don’t sell or run out/discontinue an item, remove it from the site.

If you are offering a lot of products, users should be able to sort them by important criteria; price, size, color, etc.

Provide an easy way for shoppers to compare details of similar products.

Use a custom 404 not found page to link people back to the important areas of your site

Give a clear estimate of the delivery time.

Accept a wide variety of payment options and those options

Important information should not look like ad banners. There is such a thing as ad blindness and people will automatically skip over this important information.

Make sure you have a first-time visitor page. This is where you are going to explain why and how you are different from your competitors.

Update your copyright statements on page footers. Make sure that the current year is displayed.

Let customers purchase by registering with your site.

Consider making every link the last part of the states want to, Don’t just have a link that says the privacy policy, but rather read the privacy policy. Do you get it… the shopper wants to Read the Privacy Policy.

Don’t use too clever names for your shopping carts like widget baskets or widget boxes. Call it “My shopping cart” or “My shopping basket”.

Don’t make the shopper specify an option when there is only 1 option. If the product only comes in red, don’t make the shopper select the red radio button or choose red from the drop-down. Get the site to do it automatically.

Provide clear shopping instructions in an empty shopping cart. Don’t just say your shopping cart is empty.

Provide a “special sale or “special clearance section. This will attract budget-conscious shoppers.

The most important golden rule…you must portray a lot of trust and credibility to instill shopper confidence and get them to make a purchase. Make sure you do.


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A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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