The Present and The Future of AI: Applications and Concerns

AI App;ications

There was a time when we used to read and watch about artificial intelligence in sci-fi novels and movies, but today artificial intelligence has made its way to our day-to-day lives. From self-driven cars to Alexa and Google Assistant, we can see artificial intelligence everywhere. And just like every other technological advancement, with the continuous contributions and work of scientists, it is developing at a

The most promising application of artificial intelligence lies in the healthcare sector. AI is revolutionizing the medical industry in the following ways:-

  • With the help of artificial intelligence, the enormous amount of data about the medical history of patients can be stored and processed. This enables the medical professionals to give medical advice and suggest examinations to each patient individually.
  • Medical chat bots are a great innovation of artificial intelligence as they help patients to get primary healthcare without traveling to the doctor’s place. It also takes off the burden of trivial health concerns from the shoulders of the doctors thus leaving them with enough time and energy to deal with grave concerns.

What’s more, is that these chat bots run with smart algorithms, and they can deal with multiple patients at the same time/.

  • AI is incredibly helpful when it comes to the diagnosis of diseases. It makes diagnosis cost-effective as well as more accurate.

With robotics surgeries coming to the scene, the scope of artificial intelligence in the medical industry is huge, and it must be explored properly to improve healthcare.

2. E-Commerce

Just like other sectors, the e-commerce sector is also greatly benefiting from artificial intelligence. Let us look at some of AI’s use cases in this industry.

  • AI and machine learning have enhanced personalization which is the key to effective marketing and therefore it has enabled more targeted marketing and advertising.
  • A lot of the tasks associated with the online functioning of e-commerce companies can be automated using AI. This saves the time of professionals, thus allowing them to focus on more important tasks like those that require critical thinking.
  • Customer service is made easy and efficient with the help of virtual assistants and chat bots.

3. Automotive Industry

Today, many automobile manufacturing companies are making use of artificial intelligence at every stage of the life cycle of the product. I have mentioned below some of the benefits of implementing AI in the different processes from production through use and maintenance of an automobile:-

  • Some automobile companies make use of AI-driven robots that perform certain tasks and make the production process efficient.
  • AI makes the driver aware of the dangers that are on the way for example the adverse road conditions and prepares and cautions them for the forthcoming situations. It also monitors the condition of the driver such as their fatigue level. In this way, it prevents accidents.
  • AI has the ability to notice changes in your vehicle and alert you about them beforehand. This is called predictive maintenance.

The other spheres where AI is going to make a huge impact are education, cybersecurity, finance and banking, the job industry, smart home, and smart cities.

Despite the endless use cases of this transformative technology, it raises many ethical concerns that cannot be neglected. Let us take a look at them:-

  • AI will kill jobs: Many people who are against AI fear that it might push people out of employment. But experts believe that like any other technological advancement, AI will replace certain categories of jobs, enabling companies to put their human resources to perform other important tasks.
  • Use of AI for malicious purposes: It seems scary to think what will happen as AI becomes stronger and criminals start using AI for satisfying their needs. Those who are implementing AI should take action to safeguard against such criminal activities. It is important to think about what changes can be brought about in AI design and distribution so that the misuse of this powerful weapon in the hands of evil people could be prevented.

To Wrap Up

As experts are working towards developing AI and taking it to the next level, these concerns and questions should not be pushed aside but addressed during the process so that the future AI enabled economy and society does more good than harm.

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