Solving some common challenges faced by small business owners


Achal ChaurasiaSolving some common Challenges Faced by Small Business Owners

From being an individual to an entrepreneur is a whole journey filled with various ups and downs to be faced. The one who successfully works on moving through such challenges and struggles is the one who becomes a winner in the end.

Entrepreneurship brings a whole lot of new experiences, opportunities, and situations to be in while realizing what the life of a businessman looks like.

The one who is ready to accept all the newness and novelty is the one who can stand upright in the entrepreneurial world which is full of strenuous competition.

Being a small business owner poses many difficulties in the beginning. Things are new to understand, therefore, people find it tedious to find a way through the already existing competition that exists in the business market.

Here’s a list of some major challenges faced by small business owners along with appropriate solutions, have a look:

Lack of proper marketing skills

According to me, marketing is all about building years of trust, assurance, reliability, and accountability. A strong marketing strategy is derived by putting in long years of effort and working on market values.

Small business owners who are relatively new in the business game lack experience and strategic knowledge to formulate strong marketing plans as soon as they enter the arena. Sometimes, this costs them a lot of lost opportunities that could have been highly beneficial for them in terms of business recognition and profit extraction.

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However, it is only with time passing by that they can learn to work effectively on their marketing skills.

Being open to new opportunities, keeping up with the latest market trends, tracing out customer demands, and designing products and services based on such requirements are all methods that collectively form a part of being able to enhance one’s marketing skills in the long run.

Money management and budgeting

Financial planning and money management is one ofarehe most crucial things to consider when it comes to running a business.

The economic strategies form the core of an entrepreneurial plan. Monetary resources are needed to support every idea and convert it into real action. A major part of preparing a solid business plan is working to have a strong economic strategy in the first place.

Many budding businesses face financial crises during the initial years of starting up. This is quite normal, but what is not normal is failing to manage the difficulties. Risk management when it comes to managing financial resources should be adequate to look after the needs of the company in dwindling cases sometimes.

Keeping the investors properly engaged and informed about the current finance finance-relating in the organization, planning to have safety measures and precautions in case of investor failures is also really important.

Maintaining online presence

In today’s world, people, brands, companies, organizations, etc. tend to develop two identities, the first one being in real life and the second being a digital one that we make online in front of citizens.

To gain online recognition for the company, its presence on social media platforms is mandatory. People demand to see what kind of products, services, and values the company deals with, to invest their valuable time and money in engaging with the organization.

In such cases being actively vocal about the ideas and perspectives one has is always a plus point and allows one to connect with the audience.

Time management

A new venture invites days packed with multiple tasks to be done within a certain time frame. To manage everything well in time, a crucial skill of time management is very much needed.

Time management is one skill that every individual tries to ace at various levels, however, there are only a few who actually understand the importance of it and then use it for their benefit.

Keeping firm schedules, having a healthy work routine, striking a balance between work and personal life are some aspects of time management that we should keep in mind especially when business management comes into the picture.

According to me, we must never forget that the employees are as enthusiastic and firm about putting in efforts as the leader. A team only follows the footprints of its leader.

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To sum up

Summing up the information presented above, one last golden piece of advice from my end would be to start giving wings to your ideas now. Be filled with self-confidence and passion to ace the game. Have faith in yourself, be committed to what you do and you shall climb up the ladder of success undoubtedly.


Author-Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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