Significance of pre- planning in running business ventures

Achal Chaurasia– Significance of pre-planning in running business ventures

Before launching a new business venture one thing that goes in is a good plan, at an initial stage.

What does it mean to have a ‘good’ business plan?

Being an entrepreneur myself, I can tell that numerous different ideas and plans come up in our minds before we decide to stick with one.

A vicious cycle of thinking, brainstorming, considering, and partially executing various plans continues before the mind gets inclined towards that one plan that suits us in every aspect of our business venture.

The traits of a good business plan are rightly discussed below-:

Listing out the inputs

Considering what all needs to be invested in tangible and intangible forms to go along with the establishment of the business is extremely important.

The amount of raw material, team members, supplies, etc. everything should be jotted down and kept in mind.

Predicting the outcomes

Considering the return on investment, material outcome, success rate, already existing competition, market values, etc. is another vital aspect that should not skip our mind while taking off for the entrepreneurial journey.

Planning for resilience

Having a strong backup and bounce-back plan is as important as working on establishing the take-off plan for a business.

Taking into consideration the risks associated with the journey of entrepreneurship, it is crucial to derive a backup or withdrawal plan for your venture to not simply drown but float during unfortunate times of crisis.

Tips to per-plan for your business venture

As a businessman, I can assure you that the path towards entrepreneurial success isn’t easy to walk on, but it is worth it if you are ready to invest your efforts, hard work, and dedication towards achieving true success.

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Here are some tips that I think can be of great help to people who are new to the circle of business-:

Plan your expenses wisely

Business only leads to profitability when investments are made wisely. Planning investment and expenditure before practicing execution is extremely important. Starting from short-term expenses to long-term expenditures made on raw material, labor, machinery, devise, gadgets, team, etc. are to be taken into firm check.

Furthermore, dividing the monetary expenses amongst all these categories needs deep thinking and analysis.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Remember, business is all about implementing various ideas and seeing which one works in the best way. What I suggest here is, give every idea a shot and open your mind vast enough to bear with the consequences and repercussions. Risk-taking capacity should be one of the ideal approaches of all entrepreneurs, from the very beginning. Learn to think differently, act accordingly, and be courageous enough to take accountability for your actions.

Believe in teamwork

I have been in touch with entrepreneurs who are pretty possessive and strict about the business activities to such an extent that they prefer checking, cross-checking and even taking over the tasks entirely by themselves just because they are afraid to trust their team members. Advice from my end to such businessmen would be to let their team try. Let them make mistakes, learn, sort things out, and take responsibility for their actions by themselves. That’s how they’ll start their journey towards being good and responsible employees.

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Business success is an amalgamation of great ideas, amazing plans, intense hours of work, team spirit, experimentation, and resilience. If all of this works correctly, it’s only then that entrepreneurs can enjoy seeing their ventures getting popular and successful. I wish all the budding businessmen good luck and wish for them to do wonders in this field.


Author- Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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