Is Travel Insurance A Must For National And International Trips?

Who doesn’t like a nice foreign trip with family and having a wonderful time abroad? International travel is not quite the same as traveling inside your own country. Previously, one would just have to carry a passport for traveling abroad, but recently many foreign countries have made travel insurance plans necessary for inbound travelers. Some of the countries can include Cuba, the USA, UAE, etc, where you must have a travel insurance plan. 

What Does The Travel Insurance Cover?

A credible travel insurance plan will cover any type of emergencies you might have while traveling abroad. This can include loss of passports, medical assistance, taking care of your canceled flights, and so on. To give you a better idea like discuss some of the essential benefits of having travel insurance.

  1. A Compassionate Visit

There can be medical emergencies where an individual is required to stay in hospital for more than 5 days. In such cases, a travel insurance plan can give special assistance to that individual. This plan will cover all the necessary travel expenses of an immediate family member to visit that individual in the hospital. 

  1. Hospitalization

In case of any serious medical emergency, you can rely on a travel insurance plan during the time frame when you were hospitalized. Apart from that, it will also cover all the emergency medical expenses required for the treatment of any diseases developed or even if you are in a serious accident. 

  1. A Medical Evacuation

When you see the term medical efficient in your travel insurance plan, it generally refers to all the small expenses of an ambulance for any other emergency transportation during a medical emergency. So in case you are in an accident while traveling, you won’t have to worry about quickly reaching a hospital nearby. 

  1. Loss Of Checked In Baggage

The insured amount might vary depending on the travel insurance plan, but if your checked-in baggage gets lost during a traveling trip, then the insurance company will provide you with that insured amount. However, you have to keep one thing in mind, this policy will only take effect from the moment when you hand in your baggage to the common carrier, and obtain a receipt for your package. 

  1. Cancellation Coverage 

Many times travelers like to make prepaid reservations while traveling. A travel insurance plan will cover these types of expenses, which can include your accommodation costs, transport, or even if you have hired a car for traveling. However, you have to provide a receipt from your side as proof of those prepaid expenses. 

  1. For Pets

There can be times when you might get delayed while returning from your vacation. And in case you have a cat or a dog as your pet, a travel insurance plan will cover the necessary expenses that are required for an additional kennel or cattery. On top of that if your pet gets harmed while you are on your vacation, then it will also cover all your vet expenses. 

  1. A Permanent Disability

We hope that this doesn’t happen to any of the travelers, but in case you lose your site or one of your limbs due to a fatal accident, then your travel insurance plan will cover the disability reimbursement for around an entire year after you have returned to your home. 

  1. Stolen Cash Or Travel Documents 

Losing your traveling documents is the last thing you want to face while you are on your vacation abroad. Therefore if somehow your documents get stolen, then an insurance plan will compensate you with the cost of replacing those documents as quickly as possible. Moreover, you will also be insured and get compensation for your stolen money. 

Final Thoughts

Many of us like to visit beautiful destinations abroad and spend some quality time with our dear ones. However, it couldn’t be much of a relaxing vacation if you have to constantly worry about your documents or your luggage. Therefore to put your mind at ease, taking a travel insurance plan is an ideal way to deal with this problem. So even if you have an unfortunate accident, you will get easy access to any of the nearest hospitals and get all your expenses covered. This is why it’s always a good idea to have travel insurance while going abroad. Make sure to have a safe journey and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.¬†

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Author- Achal Chaurasia

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