Intensifying corporate participation in the startup ecosystem

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Achal ChaurasiaIntensifying Corporate Participation in the Startup Ecosystem

The corporate world is known to revolve around the basic principles of organization, formalized behavior, professional etiquette, and everything related to it.

From then to now

Years back, the corporate and startup world lied on two opposite sides of the same road.

While corporate organizations are long-existing players in the world of business and entrepreneurship, the newly established startups are fresh ones that lack experience and knowledge in the field.

In today’s era, both these opposite sides are becoming somewhat homogeneous and getting mixed up. The ways of functioning and other mechanisms of both of these sectors are turning out to be constantly similar to each other.

Corporate and Startup collaborations

Corp orates being in the stream of work in business and entrepreneurship for a long time are marked by the aspects of experience, knowledge, mature ideas, and wider recognition.

On the other hand, startups are marked by their fresh ideology and mindset towards new notions as well as trends in the market.

Nowadays, the collaboration deals between recognized corporate and newly established startups are flooding the business markets. These collaborations have proved to be extremely beneficial and amazing mutually for both organizations.

These collaborations yield many benefits altogether. Some of these are listed below-:

Greater market recognition

When organizations collaborate, the companies at various levels in the market get to know about it and therefore, induce a good recognition in the stream that encourages a way for other opportunities ahead.

Monetary benefit

Some collaborations are based on barter deals while others promote monetary benefits for both organizations.

Building a strong social image

Brands and companies get benefited to a great extent when it comes to social image and impressions if such collaborations bear a positive impact.

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Corporate startup – A relatively new concept

The concept of a corporate startup is a relatively new and fresh idea introduced in the business market only recently.

The original model of a corporate startup revolved around the basic plan wherein the already working managers, supervisors, advisors, and employees plan to put together their ideas to build a startup that works on the dominant idea of the parent company to where these employees belong to.

This startup is usually a sister channel that runs on the principle of combined ideas, notions, mindsets and executes all of it in the right form to yield great results. Corporate startups not only induce an amazing plan of action for themselves and the corresponding team but also push forward the growth of the parent company.

At the end

Now that the existing scenario regarding the homogeneity of corporate and startups is made known at a wider scale, it only pinpoints to the path of growth and advancement that both these kinds of organizations that were earlier put on vastly different levels now share being clubbed each other in various aspects such as ideas, functioning, etc.

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Author-Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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