Importance and Significance of Mental Health

Achal Chaurasia– Mental Health

Mental health; The most important factor in well being of any individual. But is it believed so? Being Mentally healthy is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. It has been intentionally ignored over time. The belief running around is physical health means everything, but it is very inappropriate to even think of. Physical health is very important agreed! But mental health is everything. If you are not at peace with yourself, you will suffer at every moment of your existence. Mental peace gives you clarity of scenarios that are not even visible to the naked eye. You get the confidence to move ahead and decide what’s good for yourself.

Mental health has never been given the recognition it requires. It is not about being calm, it’s about clarity of time and clarity of yourself. We tend to ignore this fact, we let it pass, ignoring the fact that it will mark an imprint on you for the rest of your life. If you are mentally fit, you are ready to take on any challenge thrown your way, you are prepared to deal with unfortunate circumstances, you are equipped to handle the worst. All of this is possible if you are fit mentally.

In the current context; Good health means Physically Fit, what Good health means is “A state of Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Social, Spiritual well-being of any individual.”

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Mental health and physical health are correlated with each other, if mental health takes a toll, physical health takes a beating too. The complications could be adversely leading to several other health problems. The depression from mental health will affect the physical body in numerous ways, causing incurable harm.

Improper mental health leads to change in how we think, feel, and act as we cope with our lifestyle and life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life when you were a kid or hitting puberty through adulthood and old age.

Mental health is important because it can help us to Cope with the stresses of life which we have to deal with at every point of time in life, be it School, College, Jobs, Responsibility, Family. It helps us maintain a physically healthy body, as you are healthy from the inside you will be inclined to make something out of your physical health too.

One of the major perks of good mental health is it helps us maintain good relationships with our close ones and even with the people we hardly know, it gives you a sense of happiness in every possible situation.

If you are happy, you feel generous, if you feel so you are inclined to make meaningful contributions to the community you belong to to help them in ways an ill person won’t. It helps you focus, it helps in doing work productively, ad helps in the utilization of your resources at best.

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If you are mentally fit, you spend less time thinking and more time doing. Being Mentally fit is not only a boon for you but also for the society you live in, The community you represent. With this fitness comes the ability to handle the situation nobody else could handle. Remaining Calm in complex scenarios is the result of Good mental health.

Benefits range from Self to Selfless. By allowing yourself good mental health you cross a threshold that bounds you with limitations. You will try to lead and nurture your duties. You will always be able to help others in need and will be inclined to get help from others.

If you keep your mental health in check you will be able to;

Acquire a healthy daily routine, Good Sleep.

Stay connected to people you love.

Live and enjoy the activities you fancy and love.

Full of energy and enthusiasm.

You will feel joyful and connected to beings.

You will be able to defy unwanted aches, body unrest, and pains.

You will feel hopeful, Cheerful, Independent.

You will refrain from smoking, drinking, or using drugs more than usual.

Feeling Calm, Happy, Easygoing, Confident.

Lead to a happy relationship. Proper Understandiunderstandingnt situations.

Have positive thoughts and memories that you want in your head.

You will think good for others and yourself.

You will be able to perform better in every situation yiu you have on your hands.

Mental Health is important and should be treated accordingly or it will to severe difficulties which will be difficult to even witness. Physical health is important but in that, the Mind should not be ignored at any cost.


Author- Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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