Impact of Social Media on Human Behavior

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Social Media; the driving force youth’s life nowadays. It has become a need for everyone to be constantly active on Social Media. It shapes the way we perceive the world. It has the innovative and most amazing capabilities which bring you some excellent communication channels and information sharing platforms. The hidden fact about Social Media is that the world and society have undoubtedly seemed to unite under its grab and influence. This platform lets you collaborate and share thoughts with the rest of the world, which may influence us in a Good way or even a bad one, either way, social media will have a definitive impact and influence over us. Let’s take a deeper look into this fact :

Social Media leads you to significantly decrease the face-to-face interactions with real people out in the world. This adversely affects the growth of the human mind and often leads to the diminishing personality of any individual. Which is a bad sign as one day you will have to go out and then it will be devastating for you.

The portrayal of life on social media is far from what life is. It makes you believe that you long for the life you just witnessed on a Social Platform. It tricks you into believing that your life is unhappy compared to others and you will believe that you are unsatisfied, if you choose that life, you will be happier compared to your present situation. This is not at all true, the portrayal is a mere mirage. Everyone faces difficulties in life, some just pretend and ignore and showcase happiness on social media, don’t let it fool you.

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The never-ending cases of cyberbully are not unknown to anybody. Every day we hear a case of cyber-bullying. Social media is well within the grasp of this, which leads to serious human behavior changes. Any anonymous user gets into your head and messes with your well-being. Women tend to get more affected by this atrocity, the abuse, and bullying done for the mere purpose of enjoyment and desperation have already taken a toll on human behavior leading them astray from self-esteem and self-doubt.

Another major disadvantage is, Social media serves as a platform to serve false news and rumors all across the world. It takes no time on any social media for any news to reach millions swiftly, there can be no credit check or tracking system to find out about the truth and facts. Social media has the power and audacity to reach the masses, which is a boon and also a curse as it holds the power to make even a fact untrue. We owe it all to the swift delivery of any such content across any platform.

What we see on social media, we tend to apply those facts in real life too. The negative Influence we encounter on Social media is a disaster. It will lead us to believe that the world we reside in, is some sort of fiasco and you will be inclined to accomplish tasks you are not meant to. Social Media gives you a door to the rest of the world and with that comes people of the worst motives. They will trick you and accomplish their own making you a puppet even.

It leads to anxiety in many cases, the adverse effects of continuous use of Social media is disheartening however it does not entirely affect the positive side :

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Sharing, the biggest advantage of social media. It gives you an enormous platform to showcase your creativity, skills, and talent. You can grow a community for yourself and social media will be by your side, no matter what. Social media may have effects on your personal life but it can surely give you a better professional one. Not only talent but you can also share Ideas, Topics of Interest and everything.

Another milestone is it helps you stay connected with your peers, friends, family, and colleagues. Social Media has proved to be the most effective channel to stay connected with all your loved ones. It helps in building yourself a community to rely upon in times of need. You find new people, make connections and grow your network to huge strengths.

Social media gives you a voice to put forth your opinions. There you will find some people with a like mindset who will help and support you. Without social media, you may not be able to raise your voice of concern over not so sympathetic issues. You can form groups for your initiative and gather supporters from millions.

Social media often comes forth as the platform for professional building. With the help, you can look for active jobs and employment, you can find a place you will love to work at. Everything is transparent on social media. You will know what you desire. The last advantage would be for Brands. The way they use social media to connect with audiences and consumer is phenomenal. The presence of Brands and organizations on social media has made quite an impression. Every loyal customer wants to connect with their favorite brand on Social Media. This helps them keep updated and brands know their position.

Despite all Pros and Cons of Social Media. It is distinctively widespread and impossible to deny.


Author- Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for theiety.

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