How to Manage your Time and Energy in Order to Become the Best Leader

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Time management is said to be an important skill that is specifically crucial to possess for leaders. Leaders are people who are looked up to as role models by everyone around them. They are expected to uphold the best of skills and use them for their benefit as well as for the benefit of others.

Given below is an effective 6 step guide to inculcate strong leadership skills within yourself-:

Set up a routine

Make sure to follow a particular routine every day so that it becomes a habit eventually. Getting up early, setting up a specific time to do various day-to-day activities like waking up, exercising, having breakfast, bathing, getting ready, etc. keeps the mind focused on achieving such ordinary yet crucial goals every day.

Make a to-do list

Prepare a to-do or checklist daily, consisting of tasks to accomplish during the day. This list may include tasks related to work, domestic chores, personal life, etc. This helps an individual to complete the tasks successfully without delay or failure.

Take a short and frequent break

Make sure to take short as well as frequent breaks to maintain consistency and energy during the day. Taking crisp breaks will help to refresh and rejuvenate. Thus, keeping the energy level stable while working.

Stay hydrated

Sipping water frequently during the day will not only maintain the hydration levels in our bodies but also keep us refreshed throughout the day.

Eat healthily

Avoid munching on unhealthy snacks. Eating junk may make us feel dizzy and reduce our pace while working.


Just remember that every day won’t be the same. Some days the productivity may be higher than the others and someday it would dip down. However, in such cases, one must know how to keep oneself sane and stable to handle the workload and stress. Meditating for 15 minutes daily helps to keep the mind on the right track.

Following the above-mentioned tips, as suggested by me will help you efficiently utilize your time and energy keeping up with the productivity levels every day.

Coping up with unfavorable circumstances

There are times when we want things to move a certain way but unfavorably they move in absolutely different ways which instill feelings of annoyance and stress within us.

Practically, such circumstances are not under our control to combat or curb. However, we can successfully train ourselves to cope with such scenarios.

We must make peace with the fact that it’s only human to feel lethargic and lazy sometimes. During such times, we should understand that instead of being harsh on ourselves we should choose to enjoy brief breaks.

One may choose to devote this break time to enhance any hobby, listen to good music, spend time with family and friends, take a rest, enjoy a relaxing spa, go for a drive, play games, etc.

Indulging in such activities distresses us and brings joy as well as happiness.

Also, it’s noticed that productivity levels experience a spike just after we return to our regular routines from a break period. This is due to the mind being relaxed and rejuvenated to cope up with the work.

To wrap up

We must remember that before being a leader to others around us, we should successfully practice being a leader to ourselves. We must never forget that it’s our responsibility to keep up with our mental health alongside our work and usual lives. We must adhere to what we need to give our best and thus, act accordingly.


Author-Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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