How digital transformation will change the way you do your business in the next decade?

We belong to an era where the word ‘digital’ describes our lives in the best way possible. Be it studies, jobs, businesses, or any other thing in the world, digital alternatives are coming up more rapidly than ever before.

Then V/S now

The whole concept and functioning of businesses are transformed. Years back, businesses meant everything going on in physical markets. People set up shops, showrooms, or temporary shelters where they continued with the selling and buying of products and services on a retail or wholesale basis.

Whenever people needed some goods and services the only option they had was to visit a market and search for products and services to opt for by their requirements.

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However, the scenario is drastically changed now. All it takes is just a click to have hundreds of options to choose from. Hungry? Choose your comfort food with the help of a mobile application and get it delivered to your place in minutes. Want to shop for something? Visit your favorite brand’s website or online portal and place your order. Need to get the tap of your home or the fan repaired? Call for a plumber or electrician from mobile applications that work to provide such domestic services. It’s that simple nowadays.

Sometimes, I even get surprised by the changes we all are witnessing around us. How being digital means a serious shift in the investment of efforts, time and money amaze me. Business activities getting more digitized in today’s time is proof of the fact that there’s no looking back from now on, technology has taken over the business market with a good grip. Undoubtedly, these changes are more or less beneficial for both consumers and sellers of the products and services. Let’s have a look at the reasons of a huge number of businesses going digital nowadays,

Customer attraction opportunities

People have a screen in front of them at all times. The times have come when people are more social on the internet than in real life. Seeing this, all the potential customers need to be hooked and made interested in the products and services that a brand offers right from their screens. Digital media, therefore, acts as a window between buyers and sellers.

Better knowledge about the trends

In today’s era, people have their lives on social media and the web. Therefore, in order to know about the customers’ mindsets, spending patterns, and choices well, staying connected with them virtually is an important aspect of formulating business strategies.

A path towards business expansion

Going digital means going vast. Giving your business a strong digital identity and base leads to its expansion not only nationally but internationally also.

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To walk at pace with society and the world, it is crucial to adapt yourselves to the transformations and rapidly popping up changes. My advice to the new entrepreneurs from my side would be to have a flexible mindset and allow as much experimentation and freshness in your business as possible.

Author-Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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