How can Managers provide a Helping Hand to Employees in order to Combat Burnouts?

Achal Chaurasia Updates - Role of a Manager

Achal Chaurasia–  Updates – Role of a Manager

Work-life is often known to bring a variety of experiences into one’s life. It brings along excitement to learn new things, willingness to experience new situations and deal with them by thinking of solutions. All this enhances confidence, grooms the personality, improves problem-solving techniques, builds a strong mindset, and broadens an employee’s mind to a great extent. All this makes an individual independent and full of life.

However, a coin always has two sides. While we look at the positive aspect, we must not forget to have a look at the negative aspect too. As keeping a track of positives motivates us to be committed to working wholeheartedly, observing the negative side helps us find solutions to solve problems and overcome challenges.

Words of an Employee – A conversation

Having a conversation with one of my friends’ brothers at a get-together, I got to know that he works as a data analyst in a renowned Multinational Corporation. This 35-year man with a nuclear family consisting of his wife and 5-year-old daughter looked dull and disturbed as he sat alone in a corner sipping tea. I went up to him to greet him and sat down with him to have a general talk. He told me that he had a rough day at work as he had to complete loads of tasks with a deadline of just 2 days.

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Having confidence in himself he committed to his seniors about meeting the deadlines. However, he failed at it and got negative feedback from his seniors at the office. Even when he worked hard to complete the tasks given in a specific time frame, he was unable to do it and had to hear a lot from his manager. His mood was all dull and on top of it, he argued with his wife too.

I consoled him and asked him not to think about it much, it happens sometimes. He is a dedicated man no doubt and always keeps his work on top of his priority list. I helped him change his mood by changing the topic of discussion and he felt stable after a while. As I was returning, I wondered, every day many such employees would go through the same thing this man was going through.

The workload in office places like busy huge MNC’s is immense and employees being just normal humans might experience such burnouts. That doesn’t didn’t do their job diligently. The employees are not in such a suction, so is the system not to be blamed.

Who should be helping employees come out of such struggles then?

Managers and seniors at the office are the right answer to this question.

Ways to sort such problems

Being a senior to many such employees I have tried tracing some highly reliable ways in which such burnout problems can be solved-:

Be understanding

It’s very important for managers not to forget the time when they would have been at the position where an employee stands now. There are several things a working adult has to manage, like work, family, social circle, individual mental and physical well-being, etc. A disturbance in even one of the aspects directly impacts the productivity of the employee. So, a senior must be understanding of all the struggles that the employee might face at any point. This not only comforts the other person but also enhances the trust and bond that both individuals share.

Try to distribute the workload

In many cases, employees suffer from burnout due to excessive workload and many deadlines to reach. To an issue, managers can work on distributing the workload wisely among the team, rather than piling up all the work on just one employee. Sometimes if the team isn’t very comfortable in bearing the responsibility of work, managers can provide a helping hand to their team members as well. Not only will this step comfort the employees but also enhance inter-team relations.

Talk it out

Managers must ensure that the employees are friendly enough to share the struggles and challenges faced by them during the completion of work. Trying to have regular conversations with the employees will help the managers come up with solutions that can in turn help the employees sort their issues out and also increase work productivity as a whole. Communication is the key.

To wrap up

A team is as efficient and strong as the leader wants it to be. Keeping this in mind, we shall move towards collective success at work almost every time. And even if failures are faced at times, which is an indispensable scenario to face, it can be overcome easily with collective understanding and effort.

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