Gluttony in business and life

Gluttony; The negative tendency is related to the desire to consume more than what we need. It doesn’t have to do with food only, but also with other aspects and areas of life. This is destructive because excess is always destructive. Almost always when people seek excess in any area of life, they will neglect other important aspects that are also important and necessary.

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You may ask how is gluttony distinguishable from greed? The glutton may share some of their money from time to time. They are not concerned with running out of cash. That’s why many gluttons become very rich. The point is that they want more than they need whereas Greedy people do not like to share anything. They want to get their fair share or a bit more. The greedy individuals do not get obsessed with getting a whole bunch of something, but with not losing what they already have. Many greedy individuals are also gluttons though. That’s why you see that they want more and more and they suffer if they have to share a rupee.

The same happens with study, work, and any other area of life. When your life spins around one area only or a few ones, but nothing else, you may be getting into gluttony ground. If all you do is think about money, work on your businesses, read about investments, try to acquire more wealth, you are off-balance. If you spend all your waking life only thinking about money, you are off-balance.

Now, what truly matters is, not the goal, but the purpose. Gluttony is a sin that opposes moderation or temperance. In other words balance. The problem with these sins or negative tendencies is that people who practice them often can’t see it nor perceive it, so they think they are okay. They want to have too many streams of income and they don’t give the necessary time nor effort required to make any source of income profitable. They jump from one idea to the next for months or years without settling down on anything specifically.

They do not maintain a balance between starting a business and keeping it. They start one and another and another, but most of their time and effort is focused on starting businesses not keeping them profitable. Some people have just one business, but they are unsuccessful because they focus too much time and effort on one area of the business only, neglecting other important areas. They may spend most of the available resources on the product development section, neglecting some other areas like advertisement and customer support.

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You may have only one business. Your life may be pretty much balanced, but you may still find some troubles because of this. In this example, you may fall victim to gluttony and not notice it. If you are dedicating excessive time and effort to an area and leaving other important aspects to run crazy, the disorder may increase fast within the business.

The secret is to keep a balance in everything you do. Moderation is the virtue that gluttony opposes. If you maintain a moderate attitude in everything you do, you will keep this negative tendency away. When you start to get excessive and obsessive, you start to move into gluttony ground.

When you realize that you want more than you need, it is good to understand that you won’t need that much. Sometimes it is hard to control this tendency, but not impossible. The problem with this is that it is subtle. It turns something good into something bad easily.

On the other hand, if you add too much value to others and neglect your own life, you may get sick or too tired. This may prevent you from adding all the value you could have added in the long run, if you would have kept it balanced since the beginning.


Author- Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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