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Omkareshawar DAM

Achal Chaurasia–  Omkar Eshwar Dam

Named after the temple of Omkar Eshwar, this is one of the biggest dams, built on the river of Narmada, in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. Built between 2003-07, the main motive of the dam was to provide water for ease in irrigation to more than 132,000 hectares of land. With the building of dams, the base project of producing Hydroelectricity was installed to generate almost 520 Megawatt of Electricity. It took INR 3239.16 Crore to build this Gravity dam.

The government has taken initiative to generate 600 Megawatt of Electricity from Omkareshwar Dam through Solar Power. Upon completion it will be in World’s largest floating Solar Power plant and generate an astounding 600 MW of electricity, it is said to be start generation by 2022-23. The entire project will cost around INR 3000 Crore to build. The International Finance Corporation, World Bank, and Power Grid have granted in-principle consent for providing aid for the said project development, primary feasibility study of the entire project has been done in collaboration with the World Bank to ensure concrete data and information. Before the start, Madhya Pradesh Minister has asked for a study of the environmental and social impact of the project area, the tender has been issued. To mark the beginning, Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company has asked to purchase 400 MW of power generating from the project. To make it sustainable, Solar panels will float on the surface of the water in the reservoir, and if when the water level of the dam decreases, it will automatically adjust upwards and downwards. Strong waves and floods will not affect the installation and project power. The sun’s rays will continue to produce electricity as it is.

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If this comes into work, it will not only be a huge source of Renewable energy but it will be a step towards a sustainable future in electricity. With the continuous and enormous use of Fossil Fuels to generate electricity the world is depleting all Non-renewable resources, which is a cause of worry for all. The Solar Power plant of this magnitude will set an example for different state governments and authorities to undertake more such projects and take a step in the right direction. 600 MW id is a small amount of Electricity and it will be a huge step for the Madhya Pradesh government, making them stand above all others who are not into it. More such projects should be initiated country-wide and Central Government should play a Major and Active role in the completion of all such initiatives and projects.

Major Significance from this project, which makes it one of its kind is :

No requirement of separate land: This project is mainly advantageous as it does not consume many areas of land. There are very limited surface areas that are required for setting up the cabinets and grid connectivity solutions. However, it still does not impact the price, which is more or less equal to any other land-based plants in working.

Set-up and Depreciation: This floating Solar Power Plant is more compact compared to other land-based plants giving it an edge over them, it lowers the cost and increases productivity in the surrounding. It makes management, maintenance, and handling of this power plant easier along with this, it reduces work and labor in construction and decommissioning of the plant later. Due to the absence of fixed structures involved in this power plant, it makes it much easier during uninstallation too.

Saves Water: Due to its significant infrastructure, it covers the basin only partially which helps in the reduction of water evaporation. However, it depends upon the climatic conditions and area covered.

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Cooling: The floating power plant does not require a massive cooling system, a simple cooling system could suffice. The cooling mechanism although is natural. The storage unit is in the constant presence of water.

Environment friendly: A huge advantage of this kind of plant is that it leads to the containment of algal bloom, a serious problem in developing countries.

This kind of work should be appreciated more and every state and government should take responsibility to marl such feat on their area.


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