Dowry system : A threat to Indian Society

Achal Chaurasia– Dowry System

What is Dowry? If not the price you label for Someone’s daughter. How is it even possible for someone to believe in something this heinous? You can’t blame the groom entirely for this act. Every person involved in the significant arrangement of the Dowry system is responsible for the never-ending regime of this crime. If you are not inclined to put a stop to it, then you are only encouraging it. This is not the problem of today, it has been a culture in the Indian Context over time. To get a suitable Man for your daughter, you throw in Money, Power, Ornaments and lure out Men. Those men and their families do not deserve women, they don’t want to relate with that woman, they want to relate with the Accessories coming along. In old times, it was a show of power, trust, the friendship between the concerned families. But today, it is about lifting the burden off yourself more than anything else, people filter the little knowledge they acquire and mend it according to their beliefs and needs.

Why does someone even think of Dowry? Is it not enough that someone is leaving their everything for you? Dowry is not committed by a fault in one significant arrangement. From time to time people have set an example of what happens when Dowry is not in the play.

The Problem with the Dowry system is you don’t want to hold someone accountable for it, you play along with them in the belief of myth that it will yield something better in the future. Someone with greedy and materialistic nature will never be happy with whatever you bring. Dowry is not only what you provide them at the time of Marriage, your daughter has to live with it for the rest of her married life, she will have to live up to that dowry every day. Encouraging of Dowry system is not condemned in the Indian Context, for some, it is believed to be a show of Power, Fame & Money. People fail to understand the aftereffects of their arrangement, once you get into this shame, you should be condemned for time.

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What is the matter with people? Why do they believe their daughter is incapable of something better? The Dowry system in India is empowered by fear and abandonment. Folks need to start believing in their Kids, they need to understand that Dowry is not the way you approach someone for your Girl’s life. As long as there are people who believe their daughters to be a burden and incapable, the Dowry system will thrive.

When you look deeply into the matter, you will understand, Dowry system is not a problem, folks who fancy this atrocity are at fault. The mindset behind the scheme is to be blamed. There always is something inappropriate, how well you handle the matter is of concern. You give in to it, thinking, it’s better to let go. But Guess what? Your daughter will suffer for it. You are allowing someone to choose Dowry over the Bride, what is the guarantee that this very same person won’t continue to ask for more over time? By felicitating this system you bring risk to Society, People, and coming generations.

Why there is even the need for dowry? It is pure evil and it sustains only on fear. The fear of loss, care, and love. Fear makes you do unimaginable acts.

When you think about it from your perspective, you believe that there is nothing wrong, you are giving away your daughter, you are responsible for her well-being in the Home she is going. You will offer everything in your power to make sure she does not suffer. You are right to think so but believe this, by allowing this to happen you get on the back foot and leeches are just around the corner to juice you out in name of love and care. You are already vulnerable from the fact of giving away your daughter, the folks on the other side take benefit of this situation and hit you with it. They manipulate you into believing that, the dowry you will be offering is for the well-being of your daughter only. You will have to bow down, you won’t be able to help it.

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One person cannot bring the change of diminishing dowry, everyone needs to understand the consequences of this act. People fail to get that, in name of love they are committing a crime, which will deteriorate and jeopardize Relationships over time.

To get past this, one must believe in themselves, their children, and time. Neither is she a burden nor she is your responsibility. She is well equipped to fend for herself wherever she goes. By marrying someone you do not wish for anything but happiness and care. Stop treating her like an object, start believing in her, and for the people who think by getting married you are doing a favor to that woman and her family, do educate yourself first. She is a better person than you are.

Just think for once what if a man was asked to leave his home and settle in his wife’s home? What if he was asked to change his surname? What if a man was asked to handle household chores?

Stop this charade of Money, Liability & Power before it consumes all of your relationships.


Author- Achal Chaurasia

A young businessman who has been in the line of entrepreneurship for quite a few years. He is an active learner and loves to know more about new technological developments coming up as well as how they can be put to great use to yield better results for society.

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