A to Z of future tech jobs in 2022

If the past year is any indication, the job market will continue to be unpredictable in 2022. Global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and waves of layoffs have affected the job market including major tech companies have continued to lay off employees and cut costs. But while this could make it harder for job seekers to find jobs — especially in first-world countries with more robust economies — it also means that more opportunities are available for those who maintain their skillset and look out into the future.

In 2022, the most in-demand tech jobs will likely be software development, data science, systems design, software testing, and database administration. These positions are expected to account for about half (52%) of job growth over the next decade. Lower wage earners might benefit from higher wages and lower unemployment rates. So, in this Achal chaurasia blog, let’s discuss some of the most in-demand technical jobs this year!

  1. Database administrator and architect

Database administrators who will focus on maintenance and optimization are sought to build, maintain and optimise databases for users across a wide variety of applications. The primary responsibility of a database administrator is to design and implement the database software that organises data into tables and stores the information for the website or company. 

So, what makes you an ideal candidate? In this job role, your main concern will be over the efficiency of the database and you’ll need to have excellent communication skills so you can let others know when there are issues and how to fix them in minimal time!

Required skills and experiences:

  • A degree in the field of computer science or at least a diploma in database administration
  • Preferred experience in IT sectors or handling a database
  • Must have knowledge of Oracle, Linux, and SQL 
  • Remarkable skills in analysing data and report management
  1. Information security analyst

Do you enjoy spotting vulnerabilities in complex computer networks, and figuring out how to detect or shut down cybercrime before it spreads? If so, an opportunity as an information security analyst may be your dream career.

If a company’s security is lacking, these IT employees can be their best bet to do something about it! Information security analysts design and implement all types of computer networks, from internal systems to remote facilities. They protect against cyber criminals and develop safety measures for companies with huge internal databases or intricate transactional systems.

Information security analysts try to ensure enterprises’ IT systems are functioning properly and do not pose a threat to the security of the information stored on them. They keep an eye out for unauthorised activity and seek out vulnerabilities that can lead to breaches of data confidentiality.

Required skills and experiences

  • Should be able to do basic installations, testing procedures, and regular security analysis.
  • Should be well-acquainted with the latest penetration testing practices 
  • Can detect any possible network vulnerabilities 
  • Must have a decent experience in handling firewalls, managing patches, antivirus software, and IDPs concepts
  • Appropriate communication and documenting skills 
  1. Software Developer

If you enjoy solving interesting problems and challenges, you will love being a software developer. A job as a software developer allows you to work with new and emerging technologies and design innovative applications to keep on top of the game.

Being a software developer is often called “the best job in the world” and for good reason. But what are the best considerations to go into this profession? A software development job might seem like a dream, but it does come with some challenges. To land a software engineer job, you need to be familiar with a lot of programming languages and platforms such as  C++, HTML, Java, and so on. Apart, having a perfect grip over the requirements of your clients becomes key in this field!

Required skills and experiences

  • Adequate skills in programming languages
  • Decent skills in tech and analytics 
  • Remarkable communicating skills 
  • A BSc degree in the Computer Science field
  • Preferred certifications, or any previous work experience in the programming field.

Final Thoughts 

Now more than ever, there are numerous job opportunities available in tech. The demand for technical skills is high, and business owners are finding that hiring professionals with specific skills is the best way to cut costs and strengthen their firms’ stability. These specific technical roles can be found at the intersection of software development, computer programming, and interactive media design.

If you’re looking for jobs in IT, it can be hard to find great positions and even harder to know what’s in demand. The 2017-2019 period is shaping up to be a rocky time for IT jobs, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have trouble finding work. You must know which job roles you want to pursue so that you don’t wind up working at a company that’s out of touch with your skills and interests. So, make sure to go through our recommendations in this Achal chaurasia blog and keep your eyes peeled when searching for the perfect job opportunity!

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Author- Achal Chaurasia

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