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Employee meetings are undoubtedly the soul of a workplace. They play a huge role in motivating the employees, enhancing communication, and fostering engagement. If conducted properly, these meetings boost the overall performance of the workplace by inculcating a sense of team spirit among the employees, promoting collaboration, and putting in place novel ideas.

But if conducted in the wrong way, staff meetings might become the last thing that your employees want. They might view them as a waste of their precious time with no beneficial outcome.

Nobody wants their employees to think this way, right? So just follow the steps that I have mentioned below and you will find yourself conducting terrific meetings!

1) Outline a clear agenda for the meeting

If you feel that there is a need for an employee meeting, then you must have a reason in your mind for hosting the meeting. If there is no clear reason or purpose in your mind, then there is no use for a meeting. Therefore the stepping stone for conducting an effective meeting is to draft a proper agenda for it. The agenda should include:

The duration of the meeting

The timeline of the meeting in which you should ideally divide the entire duration of the meeting into different parts according to the objectives that you have to fulfill through the meeting.

The overall purpose of the meeting.

The aims and objectives of the meeting. This may include the information that you have to disseminate through the meeting, the decisions that you have to take with the consensus of the entire team, or the ideas that you need from them.

It is crucial that you share the meeting agenda with the employees a few days before so that they understand what purpose they have to serve in the meeting and they get sufficient time to prepare for it.

Another thing that you should do is take inputs from them for the meeting. Often there are certain things that they wish to discuss during the meetings, considering them is always a good move.

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2) Give every member a chance to speak

Meetings are a great way to facilitate communication and create a safe and inclusive space for everyone. So make sure that you have set aside some time for people to speak up. Give everyone equal opportunity to put forth their views, ideas, and thoughts. This will make them feel respected which in turn has been proven to boost their morale and increase their productivity.

Another way of involving everyone in the discussion and encouraging their participation is to ask them questions. Also, at the end of the session, inviting questions from them will make sure that they are engaged and their queries are answered.

3) Do not forget to show appreciation

To make the employees feel valued, rewarding them for their good work is essential. Rewarding does not mean that you have to go out of the box and do something for them. It simply means acknowledging their accomplishments in the meetings. Trust me, this will surely motivate them to work even harder and bring good results for the team.

4) Make the meetings interesting

Most of the time when employees hear the word ‘meeting’, they immediately think of it as something boring. When they enter into the meeting with this mindset, it is likely that they will not fully participate in them and will also not pay attention.

To make the employees thrilled about meetings, every once in a while you can try to add new and exciting elements to it. For instance, take your employees to a restaurant for brunch, or in the virtual mode, you can even play some games together, or invite an influential personality as the guest.

5) Set targets for the future

The outcome of every meeting should be an action plan for the future. After the meeting is over, every attendee should be aware of the targets that the team has to accomplish in the upcoming days and more specifically about the tasks that they have to finish. Make sure that you follow up from time to time to see that they are working on their part.

6) There is always a scope for improvement

At the end of every meeting, share a feedback form with the employees and ask them about how they think the employee meetings can be improved. Taking their suggestions into consideration will help you a long way in conducting engaging meetings.

The bottom line

For the employees to feel that these meetings are something productive, firstly it is important for you to feel this way rather than viewing them as your obligation. Planning and organizing are fundamental. The results of a properly organized meeting would be worth the efforts that you put in.

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