5 Skills that make an excellent team manager


“Great things in business are never done by a person alone. They are done by a team of people”- Steve Jobs

Successful personalities all around the world have always reiterated the importance of teamwork. And with teamwork comes the responsibility of managing the team effectively which requires the team manager to work and coordinate with the team members to achieve the set aims and objectives. In other words, the team manager must organize the team and act jointly with the team members in the path of fulfilling the common vision of the team.

Before we move on to understand the skills that an individual must possess to be a brilliant team manager, let us see why we need team management in the first place:-

Team management ensures that there is a common goal that acts as a unifying thread between the team manager and the members.

Team management helps in the clear communication of the common goal and other targets to all the team members.

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It helps in making each team member aware of what work is expected from them and what roles and responsibilities they have.

By encouraging communication between the manager and team members, team management makes sure that the concerns of the employees are heard and taken care of.

It makes the task of solving problems much easier by negotiation and brainstorming.

Team management is crucial for a positive work environment. It ensures that every individual can work with their full potential and nobody is overburdened.

These factors ultimately lay the foundations for the success of the team as well as the entire organization.

Now, let us dive straight into what are the skills that an individual must acquire to manage their team successfully.

  1. Effective Communication is the Key

Honest communication between the team manager and the team members is the first step of team management. There are three aspects of clear communication between the team manager and the members in a workspace:-

The targets that need to be achieved by the team and the common goal of the organization must be communicated with the team members in a manner that is understandable to everyone. This ensures that no team member is deviated from the path or is puzzled about what needs to be accomplished.

When you are communicating the set targets, make sure to let your team members know about what approaches the team will undertake to accomplish them.

Open communication between you and your team members will enable them to come forward and share their concerns with you. You must be able to empathize with them. Adhering to their concerns and addressing them helps a workspace to flourish.

The Significance of Delegation

As the manager, you must have a clear understanding of the purpose of the team, the direction towards which it will work, the processes that it will undertake, and the expected outcomes. This is the first step that you have to complete before moving on to delegation. The second step is to know about the abilities, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses of your team members. Only after this, you will be able to allocate work effectively and this will bring the best out of your team members.

Have Brilliant Problem-Solving Skills

No matter how much you plan, you never know when a problem can arise out of nowhere in a workspace. In some cases, these problems can be disastrous for your organization. But in such cases, you must keep your calm and Therefore you must keep your calm and analyze the problem, brainstorm about the best possible solutions to it, and come up with a solution that will have the least negative consequences.

Acquire Decision Making Skills

Managers make a ton of decisions in the workspace. It ranges from simple decisions of allocating tasks and resources to crucial decisions as well. There are cases when the manager has to take into consideration the suggestions of all the team members before making a final decision. But the sole responsibility of making decisions lies on the manager’s shoulders.

Be as Transparent as Possible

You must give your team members all the information about the functioning of the team and the organization. The team members must be aware of the progress that the team and the organization are making as well as the failures. This helps to build trust between the manager and the team members.

The team manager acts as a constant source of motivation for the team members.

Therefore, as the manager, you should find ways to motivate your team to do better while at the same time making sure that they are not overburdened. While it is your responsibility to work with your team members towards the success of your team, you must remember that it is also your responsibility to make sure that their work is not coming in their way to live their lives to the fullest.

Team management skills cannot be acquired by theoretical knowledge. It requires you to develop emotional intelligence and is a continuous process. There is always a scope for improvement. Therefore you must ask for suggestions and feedback from your team members. This will help you to improve and do better in your job.

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